Norwegian Barcode of Life (NorBOL)


NorBOL is a network of Norwegian biodiversity institutions and individual scientists engaged in DNA barcoding of the biota of Norway.

We assemble and curate a comprehensive library of standardized DNA sequences (DNA barcodes) as a reference resource for research and management of biodiversity in Norway. We also promote international collaboration for DNA barcoding of biodiversity, especially in the Arctic, and contribute to courses and host annual workshops on DNA barcoding.

DNA barcoding is a powerful tool for species identification from any type of tissue and from any type of life stage. Correct species identification is fundamental for all biological research, for conservation and management of biodiversity, and for a number of practical, commercial and forensic purposes. DNA barcodes are linked to voucher specimens in scientific collections (museums) and deposited in a public, open-access database (BOLD). Our effort is an integrated part of the global Barcode of Life Initiative and the International Barcode of Life Project (iBOL).